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About us

We're a social network where makers can connect with other makers to overcome the lone-wolf syndrome and stay accountable by regularly checking in with each other

Monthly Build Sprints

This is to help you make incremental progress on an important project. You'll have everything you need to build fast, and learn from the collective experience of the group

Build In Public

Create in public, get honest feedback and share updates using our tool, integrated with the project management system and share daily/weekly updates on social media

Maker Resources

A List of Great Maker Resources for Indie Makers and Startup Founders: Books or Movies that will help you learn from real people’s stories, build your startup, or simply be fun to watch.

Project Management

Use our project management system, integrated with other project management apps, so you can continue using both and not have to choose. ​It's time to stop pulling your hair out!


Get access to the Maker Community and chat with them on Slack/Discord/Telegram.- Collaborate with other Makers, Participate in sprints and get feedback for your projects

Feature/Project Request

This is a customer centric product, so if you have any feature or project request, Just ping me and I'll make sure the project is built

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